VoIP Phones

Enhance your company’s telephony system with a feature-rich, cost-saving, Internet-based phone service.

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Voice-over-Internet phones are a telecom tool that fully integrates with all your other business applications

The typical business telephone system involves a significant amount of time and energy spent on installing it, managing it, and keeping it maintained with the help of your local phone company. This causes aggravation most small-business owners could do without, which is where VoIP systems come in and simplify things. Cantatus Systems’ VoIP systems are just another software app to add to your existing network that happens to have a telephony component that connects calls right over the Internet. They’re easy to install, require minimal additional hardware, and need only web browsers to enjoy crystal-clear calls, an array of features, and huge savings over traditional landline systems.

Key features of VoIP Phones:

  • 24/7 digital receptionist
  • Voicemail-to-email transcription
  • Web-based and mobile video conferencing
  • Simple point-and-click interface to make calls
  • Integrations for CRM, ERP, accounting, and email

How will Cantatus Systems’ VoIP Phones make communications easier for your employees?

By letting them send emails, receive faxes, hold virtual meetings, and make phone calls, all from their browser or mobile device. Get in touch today! Schedule a FREE Assessment

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