Managed Servers

Your servers are your IT network’s engines, so round-the-clock support and maintenance are advised,
onsite or in the cloud.

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Our comprehensive and customizable solutions cover everything that goes into running servers safely and efficiently

Server monitoring from an expert IT provider ensures small- and mid-sized organizations’ internal networks, data centers, and Internet connections work right, around the clock. By automating your operating system updates, optimizing data flows, and setting alarms for irregular activity or cyberthreats, you’ll be protecting yourself from potentially costly issues.

Cantatus Systems’ Managed Servers plans provide an array of features including cloud hosting, virtualization, 24/7 monitoring, and much more, all of which improve the security, reliability, and performance of your network’s main engine. Most importantly, you’ll never go through the prolonged downtime events that can sometimes cripple companies and confound customers.

Key features of Managed Servers:

  • Scheduled hardware assessments
  • Automated data backups and archiving
  • Routine operating system updates & patches
  • Robust intrusion detection & firewall protection
  • 24/7 remote server monitoring & troubleshooting

How will a Cantatus Systems Managed Servers plan help your business run more smoothly?

By monitoring, maintaining, securing, updating, upgrading, and troubleshooting your servers’ hardware & software. Get in touch today!

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