Managed Desktops

Cantatus can handle all the day-to-day maintenance of your office PCs’ performance and security.

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With expert technicians managing your desktops, you can focus on managing your business

Managed Desktops plans allow business owners to skip the typical day-to-day maintenance required to keep employees’ computers working right. That’s because their technical support provider handles everything for them, whether it pertains to the hardware components, peripheral devices, operating systems, software apps, or cybersecurity tools.

Cantatus Systems offers plans for companies running Windows, MacOS, or a combination, and we focus on two things: reliable usability and heightened safety. Our technicians are certified professionals who take pride in their work, so issues get fixed right the first time and and won’t reappear or lead to more serious problems in the future.

Key features of Managed Desktops:

  • Remote or onsite support depending on urgency and business needs
  • File backup and printing services & support on the local office network
  • Hardware purchase consulting, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades
  • Operating system support: installs, configurations, patching/updating, and security
  • Desktop application support: Office Suite, web browsers, data backups, and antivirus

How will a Cantatus Systems Managed Desktops plan help your employees work more productively?

By ensuring their PCs always run up-to-date apps and security software and receive hardware upgrades whenever necessary. Get in touch today!

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