Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Hotsite Back-UpTM is our automated, high-performance managed backup service using high-speed broadband to guarantee real-time security.

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Maximizing data availability and ensuring quick recoveries after an unforeseen downtime event must be priority

Data availability is critical to the survival of your business, so keeping it securely backed up and easy to access is of paramount importance. Hotsite Back-UpTM is our intuitive application that automatically backs up any files you specify, at any frequency you designate, and sends them to our secure data center in Dallas before replicating them at our backup site in London.

And since businesses hit by storms, floods, fires, or thefts so often have to close up shop, it’s imperative for your business to have a robust recovery plan in place, too. Cantatus Systems’ experts will make restoring your sensitive customer information, proposals and business plans, and financial records and accounting data possible with just a click of the mouse.

Key features of Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery:

  • Real-time file backups and high-frequency archiving
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and failure detection tools
  • Multiple copies made automatically to cloud-based servers
  • On-demand support from backup & business continuity experts
  • Simple procedures to quickly get your data back online after disaster

How will a Cantatus Systems Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery plan keep your data in tip-top shape?

By keeping your network secure, saving your data in real time, and creating redundant backups that can’t be compromised. Get in touch today!

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