Easy-to-understand instructions help employees use software tools more effectively, increasing productivity and your technology’s ROI.


Our trainers are certified in all the applications we support, with special expertise in Sage CRM, ERP, and accounting products

Cantatus will provide your workers with knowledge, training materials, and thorough explanations of how to best use your organization’s business applications. We’ll emulate your systems utilizing real company data and work through all the software’s features using realistic scenarios that apply to your business.

Training employees to use your software apps as they were intended allows them to be much more efficient than if they developed usage habits on their own. As is so often the case, workers fall into routines with software that result in working harder, not smarter, because they don’t use all the features and functionality correctly.

We offer a variety of training options that lead to efficient software usage and consistently satisfied customers:

  • Classroom Training - Intimate classrooms with a low number of students is the ideal environment for employees trying to grasp the finer points of their IT tools.
  • Internet-based Training - If your teams don’t have time to visit our training facility, taking classes over-the-Internet training is a fine alternative.
  • Custom Onsite Training - The best option of all is one-on-one training, tailored to novice users and new employees, or experienced users who want to focus on specific features.

How will a Cantatus Systems IT Training program help your teams work more productively?

By giving them the skills, motivation, and confidence they need to work quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today!

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