We believe in “Bringing Harmony to Your Systems,” from implementation throughout the length of your business, and are committed to supporting you through your challenges and growths.

We offer a wide range of support services to assist you along the way:

Support Contracts

Our support contracts are designed so you are never alone! Receive information on functions and capabilities of your software, information on error messages, assistance and work arounds in general problems and determining the root and cause of any problems that are occurring in your environment…..learn more


Subscribe to our on-line support system and receive information about product updates, updates on your current support cases, exclusive training events and seminars and much much more……learn more

Training Services

Cantatus offers high-quality training services, teaching you how to work more efficiently and effectively within your software, maximizing your investment in your information technology systems.

Our trainers are fully certified in the applications we represent, and provide you with thorough knowledge, training material and expertise. We emulate your systems, utilizing your data and increasing the application of concepts to your real world experiences…..learn more

Data Repair

The ultimate defense against corrupt data is a reliable, high quality backup system. However should your backup fail to perform or should your backed up data become corrupted, your only choice may be to repair your Sage ERP data.

As a Sage Software Authorized Partner, we provide the highest quality data repairs. All of our data repairs include our unconditional guarantee; We fix your data or you do not pay!………learn more

Backup Services

Cantatus’ Hotsite Managed Backup service ( is a high performance automated backup service which backs up all your valuable data files across a DSL, or better connection, to two remote locations.

The information is compressed and encrypted before sending; due to the differential backup methods, massive amounts of data can be backed up utilizing this service.

For a small monthly fee, begin with 1GB of data storage. We monitor the system for you ensuring your backups are being made correctly…….learn more


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