Cantatus Helped us Grow our Revenue!

Elevated Customer Service Standards

When Bill Tonelli, Managing Partner at Avisar, found himself on the verge of losing an important client, he began searching for innovative ways to attract and retain customers. Tonelli attended a seminar conducted by us, where he learned about Sage Accpac CFO, a powerful financial diagnostic and strategic analysis tool.

“In my opinion Cantatus is a leading-edge business and technology consulting firm. With the help of Cantatus we can now provide a higher level of service to our clients and earn additional recurring revenue streams in the process. We are delighted that our good friends at Cantatus brought Sage Accpac CFO to our attention.” Bill Tonelli, Managing Partner, Avisar Chartered Accountants.


On the verge of losing an important client, Avisar sought a powerful business analysis solution that could help attract and retain clients while providing real competitive advantage.


Based on recommendation from Cantatus, Sage Accpac CFO enabled Avisar to conduct what-if analyses and quickly generate pro forma statements, budgets, and financial forecasts.


With Sage Accpac CFO, Avisar has significantly generated new business by providing more diversified, value-added business advisory services to its clientele.

Bill Tonelli
Managing Partner
Avisar Chartered Accountants